Will you give us a paw?

Have you heard the expression "pay it forward". the expression originally came from Japanese word "Onokuri(恩送り)”,which means " create a chain of appreciation”. We want out inu cafe to be the place where this "chain of appreciation" starts. Will you join us and give us a paw? :

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1 daily plate= 1 bowl of dogfood

We really appreciate you visit us and decide to try our daily plate" el plato de 3 huellas", so to express our appreciation, we will donate a meal (equivalent to 150g of dogfood) to the shelter ( name of the shelter)

You invited them? Then we will invite you.

When you make purchase donation at our shop and leave them at "punto de recaudacion (charity point) " in our tenat, we will invite you at our cafeteria, please let us know at the counter.

Charity point

We set up "Charity point" at our corner for ( nombre de protectora) you can leave them Food,collar, harness, blanket... and if you have something that does not fit your pet anymore, like bed or carrier that became too small..probably they still serve their friend in shelter!

Your loyalty turns into 1kg of food for the shelter

For your purchase of "10 daily meal ticket", besides you get discount, we will donate 1kg of dogfood to the shelter.

We want to do more and more for them, so we are always open and happy to receive your opinion, ideas and collaboration. If you got some suggestions, contact us from here