The story started with a little doggy who was about to go to shelter..

We came across at the stair of my building, in spring 2010.I was in hurry, as always, to get to my place on the 6th floor.
Suddenly My neighbor of first floor stopped me, “ Do you want a dog?”
“Dog? “ it was such an unexpected question so I could not really get what she said…
“Dog? If I want a dog? Why?”

She told that she did not want her dog anymore, as she didn’t not find anyone who could adopt the dog, she was about to take him to shelter ( “Perrera” in Spanish).
I love animals, I grew up with all kinds of animals, insects, birds,squirrels, cats… however,here I am typically the one who “should never have pet” because I love traveling, I have to travel back home to Japan at least once a year ,all my family is in Japan, and I have always lots to do…

But when I saw a scared little dog, It didn’t take me a second to say “ Yes, I will take him”
At that time I didn’t know what the word “perrera” means, was not in my spanish vocabulary list. But the word did not sound very positive.
If I say no, she will take him to the place that sounds horrible, I could be his last chance.

Since then our adventure started…

Obviously I was not prepared to have dog at all, It was first time in my life and was something that happened to me, out of blue. I am very sure that to duque, I was “terrible” owner ( hope I got better now though) but he has been a good boy, very patient, generous and gives me always lots of “”unconditional” love. We’ve learned lots of things together, and wherever we are, whatever happens if we are together, we are very happy. He made me remember many important things that I had left somewhere.

If you want to have pet, you should look for pet shop.. is that simple?

To be really honest, before I adopted duque, I had almost no idea about “adoption”. I didn't doubt that if one wants to have pet, should go to pet shop and buy one there, it’s that simple...
But with duque, we made a lots of “friendogs” and I was surprised to know that many of them were not from pet shop but were adopted from shelters ( “protectora” in Spanish) and sadly, some of them were rescued from containers.

The sad realities are:

- Spain is the country where there are most numbers of abandoned pets in Europe.
- Each year almost 150,000 pets are abandoned.
- 10% of them were sacrificed in 2015.

( According to the study of “fundacion Affinity)

All “friendogs” we made, are great, they are full of joy and love…
However they, themselves are not capable of doing something to rescue the lives of their “friendogs” , And ….what about me ?
I started to think over and over and over...

"Should I start NGO? May be not, there are lot already and Some of them had to close for financial reason"
"Are there any way to make sustainable and continuous donation?"
"To maximize the donation, what type of business would have more posibility and how?"

…and finally came up with the idea of “inucafe” came upon, to open a place like that stair where I came across with duque.
By the way, “Inu” means “dog” in Japanese, my language.

During all the process, duque has been the source of my inspiration, strength to face every challenge, and passion to carry on with the project.
Thanks to him, I could have made a “huge” first step to make my dream come true.

This is our story, story of “Inucafe” and what’s yours?
Can’t wait to hear yours at our cafeteria very soon!