We would like to ask you to follow these rules...

For everyone who visits inucafé to spend a good time, we ask you to follow some rules. It is not out intention to be very strict. We think these rules are common sense if you really love animals and think about them and other people at the cafeteria.

At Inucafé:

  • Female pets on heat are not allowed to enter, neither animals wear collar with spikes or skewer
  • All the pets must be accompanied and supervised by the owner or the equivalent person, and pets should never be alone at the cafeteria. Inucafé does not assume any responsibilty for any incident, damage or lost/robbery of pets
  • Pets should wear microchip, meet sanitary and hygine standard set by the government, (deworming /parasite prevention ) and free from any contagious diseases
  • It is prohibited to generate excrements of the pet and leave them
  • To enter/ leave the cafeteria, Pets must be tied with leash
  • To sit on the sofa, it is obligatory to use the blanket for pets, you can bring yours or rent/buy at inucafe
  • Breeds that are categorized as “ potentially dangerous dog” must wear muzzle to enter. So as dogs that shows aggrresivity, have strong jawbone/muscle.
  • Pets should be tied with leash to be able to separate easily in case of having trouble with other dogs.
  • if the pet shows aggressivity, the owner should take the pet immediately to outside of the cafeteria.
  • Children less than 14 years old should be accompanied with their family or a person who can be responsible for them.
  • Owner of the pet must take legal responsibility for any type of accident that could occur. In any case, Inucafé does not compensate the cost of the damage delivered from such accidents.
  • Pets can play with toys, However in case it causes fights between pets, toys should be took off immediately
  • If the pet shows minor aggrresivity, the owner should leave the cafeteria util the pet calms down.
  • It is not allowed to comb the pets.
  • it is prohibited to enter and consume food/ drink purchased outside of the cafeteria

Inucafé reserves the right to prohibit to enter those who do not respect the rules and is free from any responsibility derived from the points expressed previously.