What we really care at Inucafé

Duque is a part of my family, I want to take him to every place I go. But it’s not that easy, still there are too many places where dogs are not allowed to enter. I always have to check in advance and and ask “Can I enter with my dog?”.
Even though dogs are allowed, we often end up feeling a bit uncomfortable. Some Bars and restaurants allow dogs but usually there isn’t any hook or something to tie the leash. So every time we have to improvise to make sure duque stays in one place not to bother other people.

When we can finally find the place, Duque always wants to try what I order. Unfortunately I know that human food can damage dog's health. Usually what we eat has too much salt and sugar for pets, so if we really think of them we should not give. Eventhough he asks me with full of enthusiasm and expectation... I cannot share anything with him. Looking his sad face upon realizing he is not getting anything, I feel so guilty and many times I could not even enjoy…

Everytime I thought, I wish there were something I could order for him, that way he would not get disappointed and we both would be very happy.

So at Inucafe, I wanted to make sure that,

"Our four legged customers can stay as comfortable as human customers. "
"Serve dishes four legged customers without worrying about their health"
"Make sustainable and continuous contribution to the proyects for well-being of animals" (This is our raison d'être!.)

Our mission is... we would like inucafe to be a place where

“ Strengthen bond between pets and people, learn and understand how we can live better together and contribute to help abondoned animals”

Our vision is all the animals on the planet to be very happy:-)

For that purpose,
We will start with these small acts described in this page, hope you can help us too!
They are just to start… our goal is to dedicate 100% of our benefit to such projects.

Do you want to get to know more on our cafeteria? Here you can take a look!